About Us

We are a bunch of babes who hope to bring the world of music and art together with our shiny new music blog, HRMNY Presents. Combining our skills of music business and illustration, every month, HRMNY Presents will provide you with a personalised, hand-drawn image of the highest standard. We’ll also be bringing you extra content such as a new music features, playlists and live coverage from all over the UK (but mainly Bristol and London because we’re poor).

The Illustrators:

Kelly Morrison

Kelly Morrison is a Belfast based Illustrator who creates scribbly and colourful doodles and GIFs. Since graduating with a BA (Hons) in Illustration for Screen Arts in 2018 she has produced enamel pins, prints, cards, digital illustrations, GIFs and logos. Her work is simple, fun and full of energy. Follow Kelly on Instagram.

Nakisha Kiely

Nakisha Kiely is a multi-disciplined designer from Surrey who specialises in Graphic Design and Illustration. Follow Nakisha on Instagram.

Tori Bodine

From day dot, our Band of The Month features were illustrated by Tori Bodine, who is currently taking a break from Brighton beach life and living it up Berlin. Tori makes films and creates intricate illustrations full of character and everyday details. Follow Tori on Instagram and visit her website.

Emma McGowan

Throughout 2020 we enjoyed Band of The Month features from our guest illustrator Emma McGowan, a local Brighton artist who specialises in editorial illustration and art for paper products. Follow Emma on Instagram and visit her website.

The awkward bit

The illustrations drawn cannot be used on artist merchandise, posters or artwork, but you are welcome to use on all social media platforms with a credit to the illustrator. This blog is a labour of love. Sadly we are not in a position to offer these images for free. If you are interested in working with us further however, please let us know!
Contact Ellie: es@hrmnypresents.co.uk