Conflict Choir beat the ‘Algorithm’

Sounds Like: Radiohead, Muse,

Immerse you’re selves in Conflict Choir and their cinematic new single ‘Algorithm’, out now.

UK based alternative rock band Conflict Choir get ambient on new single ‘Algorithm’, out now. The group are an experimental rock powerhouse born from the ashes of 2020’s global lockdown, and much of their music questions the effects that modern life, technology and all things surrounding it has on our mental health. “Algorithm” is their latest body of work, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Strange Game’.

Speaking about the single, Conflict Choir say, “’Algorithm’ is about the struggles of navigating through the digital age and the effect that our technologies have on our mental health and states of being. The song is from the perspective of the algorithm itself and is a thought piece on whether the morality we have printed upon the technologies we use is in alignment with our ideal or if we’re seeing more sinister outcomes from the technologies we have created.”

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