Joya chills with ‘It’s Starting To Rain’

Sounds Like: Fenne Lily, Lizzy McAlpine, Jacob Collier

Indie-pop newcomer Joya shares her stunningly introspective new single ‘It’s Starting To Rain’, out now.

Hong Kong based singer-songriter Joya shines bright on new single ‘It’s Starting To Rain’. A powerfully poignant song about that moment you finally come to terms with letting go. Joya elaborates, It’s about that moment you realise you cannot control everything, no matter how much you want to. The song goes, “even the flowers know, no matter how bright their glow, when their time is through. There’s just no stopping the rain.” It’s that universal feeling and image where things have to fall apart in order to be built up again. Like flowers, who grow from the rain but are just as much washed away by it when their time has come – there’s a time for everything. I hope that listeners can really just sit and feel submerged in this song. Especially if they’re aching, I hope they find comfort that they’re not the only flower.”

Joya is currently working on her debut EP scheduled for release this summer, 2023.

Photo Credit: Nigel Ong

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